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4 Stage Integral Reservoir Kit by ORI Struts

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ORI's Integral Reservoir Kit Features: (Oil sold separately)

  1. 4 Stages of additional progressive compression damping
  2. Deep cooling fins on reservoir
  3. Replacement outer body with deep cooling fins on strut body for better heat dissipation
  4. 24 position compression damping adjustment
  5. Positions 360 Degrees Rotation around Strut
  6. Mounts to any ORI STX Strut
  7. Provides greater oil capacity for longer stroke compression damping
  8. No change to your current mounting length

*Outer Cylinder 10” to 20” 

Specify stroke length of your strut—price varies. 

ORI's Integral reservoirs are highly recommended for competition vehicles and heavier builds. Built with a much larger nitrogen volume, the Integral reservoirs greatly soften the spring rate of the STX. The increased oil volume, coupled with progressive compression damping valving in the reservoir, allows the struts to utilize the entire stroke to slow the vehicle down after full extension. Designed to withstand heat, the Integral reservoirs help protect seals from heat related failure, minimize potentially harmful pressure spikes, and keeps the oil at it's optimal functional operating temperature. The added 24 position compression damping adjuster gives you the ability to fine tune your suspension precisely the way you want, giving you a truly versatile suspension solution.


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