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GMZ Sand Stripper Tires

by GMZ
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Jensen Brothers Off-Road brings you a high quality line of sand tires from GMZ! The Sand Stripper HP/XL full paddle, the Sand Stripper staggered cut rear paddle, and the 3 ribbed front tires.

The Sand Stripper HP/XL tires are built to handle the power of the 1000cc and other heavily modified/turbo powered side-by-sides, giving you the traction and control you need to tackle the biggest dunes or float over the deepest whoops! These paddles really bring out the full potential of your motor, and give you the edge while racing and climbing steep dunes. Don't have a high horsepower car but still want to tear up the dunes? GMZ also offers the Sand Stripper tire with a shallower staggered paddle, designed specifically for 900cc and lower horsepower UTVs. This means you can still enjoy the sand dunes while improving your traction and handling.

Maximize control and stability with GMZ's front Sand Stripper sand tires! These tires are designed to give you the smoothest ride possible, while still giving you precise control of your side-by-side while turning. With 3 continuous ribs and a smooth design, the front Sand Stripper tire greatly reduces horsepower robbing drag otherwise found on tires with aggressive tread, and help reduce the amount of sand thrown into the passenger compartment by the front tires!


Sand Stripper HP/XL Features:

  • Light weight and durable 6 ply radial construction
  • 1-1/8" deep paddle
  • 14 fully cupped paddles for high horsepower

Sand Stripper Staggered Rear Paddle Features:

  • Staggered Paddle design for lower powered cars
  • 3/4" Deep paddles
  • Light weight and durable 6 ply radial construction

Sand Stripper 3 Rib Front Tire Features:

  • 3 ribs for improved cornering
  • Smooth design for reduced drag
  • Light weight and durable 6 ply radial construction

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