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Level-It Pneumatic Sway Assist by ORI Struts

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Level-It Sway Assist by ORI Struts automatically activates in turns and on side-hills. The Level-It system increases the spring rate on the load side of a vehicle for added stability around turns and hills.

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Sway bar VS. Level-It, what's the difference?

Sway bars affect both driver and passenger sides when one side is compressed. The Level-It sway assist works independently by stiffening the spring rate during a hard turn or side-hill. The Level-It can be used with or without a sway bar, but does not replace the function of a sway bar.


  • 60" stainless braided hoses
  • Fittings
  • Mounting brackets

List price for 1 unit


  • The Level-It can be attached to any shock or strut that has a gas chamber, and fitting port that can be used to pipe into that gas chamber. Level-It hose end is Male 1/8” NPT.
  • The Level-It can be used along with an anti-sway bar or without it.
  • Each Level-It requires oil to be added to the shock or strut. By adding oil, the compressible gas volume of the shock/strut is displaced to the Level-It cylinder, so normal level riding feel will be close to the same as if the Level-It were not installed. Then, when lateral forces are encountered in turns, or when vehicle body tilt exceeds 4⁰ right or left, the Level-It activates to block its reservoir from the shock/strut, isolating its compressible gas volume from the shock/strut, effectively increasing the spring rate of the shock/strut.
    • If installed to an ORI strut, each unit will ship with the proper amount of oil that will automatically transfer to the strut after a few cycles of the piston shaft.
    • If installed to a competitor’s gas shock, the proper oil volume needed will need to be determined. If a floating piston is part of the design, the oil will be added to the backside of the piston where the gas usually goes. And the oil will need to be provided by the customer to match oil type and compatibility of manufacturer’s recommended oil for that shock. Instruction will be provided showing how to determine proper amount of oil to add.
  • When activated, the Level-It will increase the spring rate at the load side. If the load-side wheel drops out (or pumps) while moving, greater pressures in the Level-It cylinder will transfer to the shock/strut further increasing its spring rate. Once again riding straight and level, the Level-It deactivates and will equalize pressures between the shock/strut and the Level-It reservoir.
  • With less body roll to the downhill or load-side in a turn, more of the body weight remains on the unloaded side, reducing the suspension unloading effect on the unloaded side. Unloaded side remains at a soft spring rate to better absorb bumps that can toss the vehicle over or to the side.
  • This is not the same as an anti-sway bar. The Level-It adds body roll stability approaching that of an anti-sway bar, but without the stiffness and right/left-side rigidity.
  • For vehicle owners that choose to remove the anti-sway bar, some stability will be lost; however, with the sway bar removed, all wheels will react truly independently to road surface irregularities. This improves both ride smoothness and straight-line tracking over uneven terrain where an anti-sway bar would tend to toss the vehicle from side to side, severity depending upon it stiffness setting.

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Customer Reviews

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Body roll is almost gone
Not impressed.
Thanks for the feedback. What kind of driving were you doing when you tested them? i.e. crawling, high speed desert, trail riding, street driving? The more details you can give us the better and we can pass on to the manufacturer. And are these on regular STX struts or are you also running reservoirs?
Stable, Predictable, Consistent
Handles like a trophy truck

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