What Are Beadlock Wheels And What Do They Do?

Beadlocks are wheels that use bolts to lock the tire onto the rim using a beadlock ring. Where standard tires use air pressure to hold the tire onto the rim, beadlocks allow you to run your tires at low pressures for traction in off-road crawling and high speed applications where there is force on the sidewalls trying to dismount the tire.

How To Mount Beadlocks

It only takes a socket wrench and a 5 gallon plastic bucket to install your tires on a beadlock wheel. Where most tire mounting require a tire machine, beadlocks can have tires mounted to them with minimal tools. (video coming soon on this process)

Beadlock Wheels On The Street

Beadlocks are not all DOT approved, check with each manufacturer to see if they are DOT approved if you are running these on a daily driver.