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GMZ Tire & Wheel Kit - Sand Stripper XL/Casino Beadlock

by GMZ
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If you want to beef up the look and functionality of your UTV, then this tire & wheel kit from GMZ will do the trick. The Sand Stripper XL series tires matched with the light weight and sleek Casino beadlocks gives your UTV a much larger footprint that provides excellent flotation, while the 10 7/8th inch paddles give you the traction you need in soft sand. Geared more toward the more powerful machines, like the 1000cc and turbo powered cars, these tires really let the horsepower come out in the sand! Take full advantage of your new sand tires with the Casino beadlock wheel that was designed specifically for them to maximize their performance and add to the capability of your machine.


This is a kit of 4 tires and 4 wheels that ships with beadlocks already installed, plus free shipping!

To clear the brake rotors on the Polaris RZR XP Turbo (2016+), use GMZ's 15" wheel


     -15X8 Casino Beadlock, 4/156 bolt pattern

     -3 ribbed tires

     -Tire Size: 30x13x15

     -Weight: 24 lbs.

     -Overall Tire Height: 31"


     -15X10 Casino Beadlock, 4/156 bolt pattern

     -10 paddles, 7/8" tall

     -Tire Size: 30x15x15

     -Weight: 30lbs

     - Overall Height: 32-1/2"

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