EFX Motohammer Tires and Raceline Wheels Package

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Set of 4, 8-ply, Moto-Hammer Tires and Raceline Mamba Beadlock Wheels

Tires: EFX Moto-Hammer 31x10-14R

Wheels: 14x7" Raceline A71B Beadlocks

Bolt Pattern: 4/156

Offset: 5+2 (Stance is about 2 inches wider than stock)

Ply: 8-ply


The 8-ply tires seemed to handle sharp rocky trails pretty well. We ran the pressure at 10psi and they allowed us to climb rocky terrain confidently. With the beadlocks we could have run the pressures all the way down to 5psi and been just fine. Overall a great tire, it is a softer and stickier tire so we wouldn't recommend running them on the pavement or asphalt for long periods of time. 


With the wider offset there was noticeable stability and the 31" gave us a little more ground clearance. Not to mention they improved the look of our vehicle greatly. See video below: 

Little Moab this Easter weekend. Driver: Kirk Jensen

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