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SAND REAR TIRE 30" - 30X14X14

by Pro Armor
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Maximize acceleration and fun with this ultimate sand tire from Pro Armor®. The Pro Armor® Sand Tire was designed for performance and hard-hitting power, these lightweight and flexible sidewall tires shred the sand with "right now" acceleration, incredible stability and flotation, and precise control thanks to a 3-tier directional front tire and aggressive 16-paddle rear.

Product Attributes:

  • Front Tire Diameter: 30"
  • Front Tire Width: 14"
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 14"
  • Front Tread Depth: 31mm
  • Front Tire Weight: 26 lbs
  • Front Ply Rating: 4
  • Front Sidewall Belts: 2
  • Front Load Rating: 1100 lbs
***Listing is for one Rear Sand tire.***

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