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Raceline Truck/SUV Wheels

Jensen Bros. is proud to offer Raceline Wheels for your truck or SUV.


Options: 981 - black, 982 - machined, and 983 - chrome. The Raceline Raptor wheels are one of the most popular truck wheels. 


Options: 991B and 991C. The Raceline Assault wheels are also 8 spoke wheels and come in chrome and black.

Renegade 8 Series

Options: 885, 886, 888, 891 and 896. These 5 Renegade series wheels are all chrome wheels with the exception for the 891 that comes in black


Options: 887. This chrome truck wheel is the only one in its series and has much of a stock wheel look.

928B SL and 928M Monster (Simulated Beadlock)

Options: 928B SL and 928M SL. The raceline monster 928B SL and 928M SL are simulated beadlocks. We will be adding the real beadlock wheels soon! Give us a call at the number above for inquiries.

Octane (8 Lug Wheels)

Options: 995B (black), 995C (chrome), 996B (black) and 996C (chrome). Split-spoke and have options with 8 lugs.


Options: 930B (black), 930C (chrome) and 930D (dark tint). 10 spoke wheels.


Options: 932B (black), 932DM (tint), 932M (machined). A unique option from Raceline with a twisted spoke design.


Options: 901 (black) and 901C (chrome). A unique 5, split spoke, design.

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