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"Level-It" Pneumatic Sway Assist by ORI Struts

by ORI Struts
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Level-It Sway Assist by ORI Struts automatically activates in turns and on side-hills. The Level-It system increases the spring rate on the load side of a vehicle for added stability around turns and hills. 

Sway bar VS. Level-It, what's the difference?

Sway bars affect both driver and passenger sides when one side is compressed. The Level-It sway assist works independently by stiffening the spring rate during a hard turn or side-hill.


  • 60" stainless braided hoses
  • Fittings
  • Mounting brackets

List price for 1 unit

The Level-It sway assist system is still in beta testing.


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Customer Reviews

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Handles like a trophy truck

We removed both sway bars off a 2 seat RZR and set the struts as soft as they would go. It handled like a trophy truck and was just plain fun to drive hard.

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