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Tires and Wheels for ATVs, UTVs, Side-by-Sides and Four Wheelers

Welcome to Jensen Bros. Off-Road. Browse our selection of tires, rims and wheel packages for your ATV. Whether you live in the desert, sand or mud we have options to fit your needs.

ATV Tire and Wheel Packages, Kits, Sales and Discounts

Jensen Bros. often offers discounts on ATV tire and wheel packages. If you are looking for cheap ATV tires give us a call at the number listed above and we can make a custom, discounted, package to fit your specific needs.

Check out our current GMZ sand tire package with beadlocks. This is the package that Jensen Bros. runs on our own RZR Turbo.

Sand Tires

If you are a dunnie at heart we offer ATV/UTV sand tires from GMZ. The right sand tire not only gives you more traction but can widen your  stance and increas stability, not to mention giving your vehicle a great new look.

Mud Tires

ATV TiresWe carry aggressive Assassinator ATV mud tires and four wheeler mud tires. Whether you are hunting or just out for a rip, these best tires to get you through just about any mud hole. 


If you are an aggressive driver, you may want to consider beadlock wheels for your ATV or UTV. A lot of people will run lower pressures in their tires for better traction but with that you run the risk of your tire coming off the bead. This is especially true when driving in the sand dunes, often a hard turn will cause your front tire to come off the bead and cause a roll-over.

Single or Double Beadlock?

In most cases a single beadlock, or beadlock on one side of the rim, is sufficient. If you are super aggressive then you could possibly use a double beadlock.

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We are currently expanding our selection of ATV tires and wheels. If you don't see what you want, email or call and let us know:

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