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2018 RZR 1000 RS1 Single Seater!

RZR RS1 AccessoriesJensen Bros. carries RS1 aftermarket parts and accessories by Pro Armor. For vehicle purchases please contact your local Polaris dealership.


  1. Starting Price: $13,999
  2. 110 Horsepower
  3. Bighorn Tires
  4. Walker Evans Needle Shocks
  5. 1000cc
  6. 18" Travel
  7. 3 Link Rear Suspension
  8. Single Seat
  9. 83" Wheelbase
  10. 64" Stance
  11. High Mount Intakes
  12. Dual Fan Rear Radiator
  13. Dual-Foot Brake System

The RS1 will be available in February, 2018 at your local Polaris dealers. While you're here check out the latest RZR suspension by ORI Struts!:





This is nothing new, it’s a 4wd Honda Pilot. They should’ve put the turbo motor in it, then I would buy it. Otherwise I’ll keep my RZR Turbo so I can ride with my son.

Posted by Jaeger on February 10, 2018

This will be my next purchase

Posted by Victor on February 09, 2018

Same weight with same how,can am will come out with a 120 hp turbo that’s lighter for starters then roll out the 180hp version with the 24" suspension, heavier of course but we’re talking 74" wide, and probably a larger cab, not to mention the warranty on the better made Canadian machine is profoundly better, like always, I will just wait for can am.

Posted by Steve on February 08, 2018

Just got one and wow best utv ever, Polaris did everything right with this machine, and yeah they did give people what they wanted especially people who wanted a better single seater, it has excellent handling! I mean I could go on and on, huge success for polaris! Sry can am but take a seat lol!

Posted by RzrRacer84 on February 07, 2018

Hi polaris need more HP an 3cylender upgrade turbo clutch always problem please polaris try to stronge clutch 2018 3cylender not coming polaris bad luck canam mavric3 duing good bike 3cylender thanks.

Posted by Shaikh yunus on February 03, 2018

I knew it was coming and wow they should sell a lot of these
Looks like a blast , I would buy one for sure…

Posted by Shawn Killmer on January 31, 2018

Totall failure from polaris , wake up and give PPL what they want ..

More HP
3 cylinders
New design

Posted by Canammer on January 29, 2018

Single seat!

Posted by russell on November 08, 2017

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